Thursday, January 14, 2016

Poonam’s Day Out TEXT

Ma, please let me go to school today, I have been at home for the past two days. 

I am getting bored – said by Poonam. But you still have fever. Go outside and lie down on the cot replied Ma.

Poonam fell asleep on the cot. Suddenly, something fell on her face. Poonam woke up at once and touched her cheek. Oh no, whose mischief is this? Is it the crow’s or the pigeon’s? It seems it’s the crow's.

Poonamlooked up. She saw many animals on the tree. Some animals are jumping from one branch other and playing  some animals are building their nests with leaves. some animals are sleeping on the branches.

Poonampicked up a leaf from the ground and wiped her cheek with it. But her cheek was still sticky. She thought  Let Me go and wash my face in the nearby pond.

While going to pond she saw some animals on the groud. Animals live in different places. Some animals live in the trees, some in water. Some live on land, some live under the ground and some fly in the sky. Some animals even live in our houses.

She saw some more animals in the pond she noticed that different animals move in different ways to go from one place to another.

Some animals walk. Example: dog cat, cow, tiger etc.

some move by  crawl. Example: snake, lizard, anaconda etc.

some can  fly  to move from place to another. Example: birds. some swimin the water to move from place to another .

For this, some animals use their feet, some use their wings. Some animals even take the help of their tail.
She observed that some animals make different kinds of sound .

In the lesson  the word ‘animal’ is used for insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. Let us know the meaning of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Insects- insects are a small invertebrate animals. Their body is covered with external skeleton segments. Some insects have two, three or six pairs of joined  legs .

Birds are a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate animal. Birds have feathers, wings, a beak, and they are able to fly.

Reptiles a cold-blooded vertebrate animals. snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and tortoises are include in this class. They have  dry scaly skin, and they laying soft-shelled eggs on land. animals which lay eggs are called oviparous

Mammals are a warm-blooded vertebrate animals. of they have hair or fur on the body, females that secrete milk for the young ones , and they directly give birth to young ones.animals which give directly birth to young ones are called viviparous  

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