Friday, January 15, 2016


The hand which fits on the hand in the picture is your right hand. Place your other hand on a page in your notebook and trace its outline with your right hand to get a picture. The hand whose outline you have just traced is your left hand.

Let us sing a song.
Put your right hand in,
Put your right hand out,
Put your right hand in,
and just turn around.

Put your left hand in
Put your left hand out,
Put your left hand in,
and just turn around

The Rules Of The Road Regulations,1989 was brought into effect from July 1, 1989. It deals with basic facts such as overtaking, traffic signals, , speed limits.
Guide Ruchira from home to school. Find the school in the picture. Also find the way from Ruchira’s home to her school. Now, with a coloured pencil trace the way from Ruchira’s home to her school.

For a road with a sidewalk only on one side, it is recommended to use the sidewalk for traveling in either direction (with traffic or against traffic). Again the sidewalk helps separate you from the automobiles.

If no sidewalks exist on the road, it is recommended to walk facing oncoming traffic on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic.
 Also, you should get as far to the side of the road as possible to provide additional space between you and oncoming cars.When bicycling, you will want to ride on the right (going in the same 

If you observe the pedestrian traffic in India, not everyone walks on the left side, in fact the pedestrian traffic moves in both directions. So, there are people who walk on their right side as well.
Despite the fact that walking on the right gives a better view of the oncoming vehicular traffic, some possible reasons for why pedestrians walk on their left or right:
With our Road Symbol Signs and Traffic Symbol Signs you can make your traffic directions as simple and seamless as possible. 
Everyone who has a drivers license is required to understand the meaning of each of these signs. Our Traffic Symbol Signs put the options in your hands.


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