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Here are some pictures of families. These are the families of Nimmi, Tsering and Nazli. Let us look at these pictures, talk about what we see and discuss.


Family means any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, 
children, uncles, aunts, and cousins are called a family.

Families are two types they are: Traditional or Nuclear Family

                                       MEMBERS OF A FAMILY
Mother, Father and children
Relatives other than parents and children
Aunts & Uncles

All  families change in some way or the other because of different reasons. A group of 2 or more people who live together and/or are related by blood or marriage.
Some changes bring happiness in the family. Function of a family, A place for love and belonging. Year after year the number of family members may increase due to the marriage of a member or the birth of a new baby.

Some changes bring sadness in the family. The members of a family may decrease by the transfer of anyone or by the demise of anyone.

Festivals are the time when we meet some members of our family who live at different places. occasions bring happiness in the family:

A New Arrival!
There is great excitement in Nimmi’s family. She has a new baby sister.  

Who were the members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister?Has a small brother or sister been born in your home or in any house in your neighbourhood?

New Place:

Tsering’s father received a letter from his office. The letter said that he was being promoted and would have to move to another city.

When Tsering’s father showed the letter to his family, how do you think the different members would have felt?
It’s a Wedding!
There is great joy in Nazli’s home today. Her elder cousin brother
is getting married. There are many girls who get married before they are 18 years old.

Many of them have to even leave school. There are many true stories of girls like Susheela of Ranga Reddy district who are going back to school. She also got the help of the Panchayat. The Panchayat said that young children should play and study and not be married off.
A group of people of Andhra Pradesh holds special camps to help married girls to go back to school. Jangamma and Chitti say, “We would like to study and stand on our own feet.”

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