Sunday, May 22, 2016



1. Education is ________ aspect of philosophy and philosophy is the ________ aspect of education.
(A) theoretical, practical 
(B) practical, theoretical 
(C) dynamic, dormant 
(D) dormant, dynamic

2. The book “The Life Divine” was written by ___________. 
(A) Tagore 
(B) Vivekananda 
(C) Aurobindo 
(D) Gandhiji

3. Pragmatism professes for ________ as a school of philosophy. (A) idea 
(B) action 
(C) reality 
(D) programme

4. Secularism means ___________. 
(A) The State is to give patronage to any one religion. 
(B) Respect all religions without favouring any one religion. 
(C) Lacking religious emotion, doctrines and practices. 
(D) To impose any particular religion upon the rest of the people.

5. ‘Astamarg’ has been practised by the philosophy of ___. 
(A) Vedanta 
(B) Islam 
(C) Jainism 
(D) Buddhism

6. “The most important outward factor is the formation of nationalities in the State.” To which philosophy do you attribute this statement ? 
(A) Marxism 
(B) Capitalism 
(C) Fascism 
(D) Socialism

7. Which one of the following principles is not correct regarding pragmatism ? 
(A) Pragmatism accepts any definite/eternal truth or principle. (B) According to pragmatists truth is man made. 
(C) Pragmatists support spiritualism. 
(D) Pragmatists stress more on acts rather than thoughts.

8. Who has formally initiated the concept of Naturalism in Modern Indian Education ? 
(A) Tagore 
(B) Vivekananda 
(C) Gandhiji 
(D) Aurobindo

9. “There cannot be educated people without educated women.” This was indicated by ___________. 
(A) The Resolution of the National Policy on Education (1968) (B) The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (1967) 
(C) The University Education Commission (1948-49) 
(D) New Policy on Education (1986)

10. Analytical School of Philosophy was propounded by 
(A) Theodor Brameld 
(B) Bertrand Russell 
(C) R.S. Piters 
(D) Vitzenstine


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